Human Resources Consulting

We help our clients succeed in their human-centered transformations.

Our approach is tailor-made with consulting, coaching, training and design expertise.


Our strong HR expertise will help you address sensitive situations with actionable solutions.


Our design studio combines user experience and transformation projects.


We unfold our Group and Individual coaching program to support the professional and personal development of managers and our transformation solutions.


We tailor-make training programs so that each participant has the opportunity to learn new skills.
Who do we work with?

Our scope of intervention applies in different business settings (digital transformation, hypergrowth, merger and acquisition, restructuration, etc.) of various sectors (industrial, banking and insurance services, energy, transportation, etc.).

Our clients are MNCs, SMEs, startups and NGOs.

Where are we?

We are based in :

  • Paris
  • Ho chi minh city
  • Tel Aviv

Our philosophy

Connecting the dots

As every stakeholder of an organisation is unique, our method is to analyse each situation with a helicopter and systemic view. At the same time, we will consider all the links between your organisation strategy, your HR practices and your workforce engagement.

Being clear on the why

To reinforce employee engagement, we assist our clients to set up meaningful and coherent management and HR policies.

Hard and soft need each other

For a sustainable transformation, we will consider simultaneously the hard (organisation and processes) and soft (emotions and behavior). This approach will enable us to deeply understand the dynamics between your organisation, your teams and your employees.

Creativity is not an option

Our unique approach will encourage you to stimulate your creativity, which is a key factor in a successful transformation strategy.

Our philosophy