consulting, coaching
and training in management
and human resources


To contribute
to a world of work
which is fulfilling
and meaningful

A world of work where individuals can develop their potential, follow their aspirations and be fully engaged in their professional life, but also stay true to their values and look after their health.

A world where teams collaborate in inclusive work environments and social bonds are made, respect of the individual is reconciled with economic performance, and social and ecological issues are taken into account.


When we created idoko in 2019, we made it our mission to help our clients become fully conscious of their values and aspirations, but also of the social, economic and ecological issues their organisations are facing.

In a world of work which is rapidly changing, we like to offer our clients concrete operational solutions. We help them to develop employee engagement over the long term, cultivate an open and constructive social dialogue, implement inclusive company cultures, and assist leaders in rallying energy to make their transformation projects a success.

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Our philosophy is to strip consulting down to its essence and provide simple, creative and pragmatic answers. Our rigorous threefold approach is based on an ethical, intellectual and relational vision of consulting.

We put co-learning at the heart of all of our interventions, and integrate consulting, coaching and training into everything we do. The human dimension of organizations is complex, so we tackle each situation with a wide systemic outlook: in other words, we incorporate the interplay between strategy, HR policies, employee expectations and social relations.

We are professionally rooted in the field of human resources and have solid expertise in the key areas of HR policy design (jobs, skills, career paths, performance management), managerial support (leadership programs, individual and collective coaching), and the prevention of sensitive situations (harassment, stress, conflicts). We accompany all kinds of organizations (large groups, NGOs, mid-caps, start-ups), across all sectors.

Our fields
of expertise
  • Boosting the success
    of HR transformations

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    When companies face upheaval, handling the human component well is crucial for success: growth acceleration, mergers and acquisitions, restructuration, in depth changes in culture and job roles, especially in crisis situations. The challenge in these situations is to get operational risks under control, empower the actors of change, and keep employees engaged with a constructive, level-headed dialogue.

    Successful transformation projects address collaborators’ perceptions and values as well as organizational reflections and processes. Above all, successful transformation requires all parties to be taken into account.

    We help you to take on these challenges by building and implementing transformation programs which integrate consulting, coaching, and training.

  • Building HR policies, creating engagement
    and social bonds

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    The coherency and efficiency of different HR policies is essential for attracting, engaging and retaining employees. We help our clients to define and implement pertinent HR policies and processes which are aligned with strategic directions, employee expectations and transformation challenges.

    In particular we provide advice and expertise in the following areas :

    • Skill development
    • Workforce planning
    • Talent management
    • Compensation & benefits
    • Diversity
    • Employer branding
    • Health & well-being at work
    • Organisation and efficiency of HR teams

    Finally, we train HR teams to develop an internal coaching and consulting culture and implement HR policies on the ground where operational needs are pending.

  • Helping managers and executives to activate their leadership

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    No matter what the context, managers have to face both the daunting challenges of economic performance and of developing an inclusive and fulfilling work environment for their collaborators.

    To accompany them on their missions, we offer different coaching packages and blended learning programs, as well as tailor made leadership pathways which include both collective and individual sessions.
    Our programs are eminently linked to our clients’ business and strategy preoccupations, and different work cultures.

    When it comes to training, we chiefly help managers to :

    • Build up their legitimacy by getting to grips with the fundamentals of their role
    • Putting together and overseeing well-functioning agile teams
    • Managing theirs and their teams’ energy over the long-term
    • Managing remote teams
    • Mastering the manager-coach stance
    • Preventing and dealing with sensitive social situations
    • Identifying their personal signature and asserting it
    • Leading transformation projects
  • Preventing sensitive social situations

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    When an organisation is going through a period of change or crisis, situations can arise which include suffering, conflicts, and sometimes discrimination. As this is often a manifestation of chronic stress it is advisable to address them with a gentle yet firm approach.

    We accompany HR teams and managers during conferences, training and workshops to develop a company culture which is preventive of psycho-social risks, by changing the behaviours, practices and habits of the relevant parties. We pay particular attention to health issues.

    We go beyond the prevention of risky situations and help our clients to implement a « care » culture, where the health and well-being of employees is fully factored in and seen as a lever for sustainable performance.

since 2019 :
  • 3400

    Managers trained
  • 80

  • 160

    Individual Coachings
  • 25

    and partners mobilised
  • 92%

    training satisfaction rate in 2021

we are a Qualiopi approved training organisation.

idoko is a team of consultants, coaches and trainers with complementary skills and backgrounds.
We have a solid ecosystem of partners with whom we have built time-strong trust relationships: coaches, trainers, designers, jurists, psychologists, and speakers.

our team

founding partners

  • Arnaud Gilberton

    Arnaud has been helping his clients to face their HR and managerial challenges for over 15 years as a manager and associate in different consulting and human resources firms. He is also a coach, a sophrologist, and a pedagogical director at ESSEC Executive Education.

  • Timothy Lê

    Timothy is a certified coach. He spent close to 10 years within various consulting firms deploying numerous HR transformation programmes on an international scale. He created idoko in 2019 to develop a creative, global approach to change management.

in the press

We would like to thank
the following companies
for putting their trust in idoko since 2019:

We would like to thank the following companies for putting their trust in idoko since 2019:

  • Action contre la faim

  • AXA

  • AG2R La Mondiale


  • BNPP

  • Booking

  • Brut

  • Caisse d'Epargne

  • Doctolib

  • EasyMovie

  • Epsilon

  • EDF

  • ESSEC Executive Education

  • Everyday Content

  • 3i

  • Lafarge Holcim

  • MAIF

  • Merck

  • Lagardere

  • Les Restos du Cœur

  • Louboutin

  • Publicis Groupe

  • Safran Helicopter Engines

  • SFIL

  • Trigo

  • Ubisoft

  • Vivatech

In Japanese, idoko means
address, home.

In a broader sense, idoko refers
to a place where you can feel confident and inspired.